Design Thinking

Timberline PK-8 Grand Opening

Timberline PK-8 celebrated its Grand Opening on September 5, 2013. During the evening, we invited families to tour the STEM lab and visit stations with different mini design challenges. At many stations, it seemed like the parents were just as engaged as the kids.

STEM Happenings at Indian Peaks Elementary

2nd Grade Design Challenge

The Second grade class of Ms. Spruill congregated last month with one purpose, figure out a way for Ms. Spruill to not get a sunburn.

Teachers' Professional Development in Design Thinking

Fall River teachers set the pace for their students by completing Design Thinking training.

Fall River Obstacle Course

The entire Fall River summer school took part in a school-wide design challenge for a culminating STEM summer school project.

Family Design Night

1st Annual Family Design Night!

The Indian Peaks Teacher Leadership Team used the design process to design around the question, "How might we inspire parents in STEM during our Parent Update Meeting?"  During two school days, students worked together on the same design challenge: Design a STEM Moose Award to travel throughout our school an

STEM/Design Student Leadership Group

Fifteen students in third through fifth grades have been chosen to work together in our first Fall River STEM/Design Student Leadership group. This group will help gather information about what students are interested in related to STEM/Design Thinking, share information with the whole school, and work on designing school-wide displays and STEM/Design Thinking projects.   Two students from this group were able to attend the first St. Vrain Valley School District STEM Leadership Meeting on November 19th at Trail Ridge Middle School.