Design Thinking

Day 01 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

We had a great first day in Smarter Buildings.

Group 1

6th graders Practice the Design Thinking Mindset

Students in Mr. Fortes' iDesign class have been engaged in Design Thinking Projects all quarter. They quickly recall the five steps of the process when asked... Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. But do they really know what those titles mean?? 

6th Graders Develop a Playground for Middle Schoolers

Science is Everywhere! Annual Event

Columbine STEM Lab

Columbine's STEM Lab is up and running. We have a big space and with some shopping and lots of donations it is now full of prototyping materials. Each classroom has come for a STEM Lab Tour and they have helped to define problems and ideate solutions for sharing the space as a whole school.  

Some of the problems we defined:

  • being crowded
  • running out of materials
  • getting hurt
  • stealing

Some of the solutions we ideated:

Pop Bottle Challenge

Alpine 4th graders had the challenge of putting their ears and their creativity to the test.  Groups were given three pop bottles to fill with water.  The pop bottles had to be tuned to exact pitches G (do), E (sol), and D (la).  Students worked collaboratively to adjust the water levels to make the appropriate pitch by using only their ears.  They were physically able to see what a musical step and skip looked like in the containers.  Once students could produce a good tone on the bottles, groups arranged known rhythms to pe

Fifth Grade Design Challenge-Trimester 1

Fifth grade students worked on a challenge to design a transport system to get supplies to Lyon’s during and following the Colorado fl

Alpine Preschoolers Explore Design Thinking

Alpine preschoolers are being introduced to design thinking.  They read the story about the gingerbread man and thought about how it is a challenge to catch him.  They then designed their own gingerbread man traps so that he could be caught and stop causing trouble!  Using design thinking engages students and allows them to be creative problem solvers.  They also have the opportunity to collaborate with other students and learn from one another.

ELL Students use Design Thinking to Solve Learning Problems

English language learners in 7th and 8th grade used the design thinking process to create inventions that would solve problems they were hav

6th Grade Math: Using Data for Design Thinking

During their math unit on graphing and data analysis, sixth graders surveyed other sixth graders to find out what their biggest problem was