Design Challenge

How students make music

Kindergartners learned about different shapes in the world and how to count to a beat.

Science is Everywhere! Annual Event

7th Graders Design Engaging Ways to Learn Formulas

January 2014--School Safety

During the month of January several 5th graders got together to analyze some of the problems occurring during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.  We got involved in a design challenge to re-examine our traffic procedures.  Students watched interviews from staff and the city crossing guard about some of the issues they see on a regular basis.  Then, students examined the parking lot drop-off zones to see what happens when cars follow the rules and don't follow the rules.

Parent STEM night: LEGO Mini-Design Challenge

At the Fall River Parent STEM night parents were able to experience first hand what their students have been doing in class.

Second Grade Design Challenge-Trimester 1

Students were presented with the challenge to design a ship that would be able to carry a predetermined cargo weight.  During a unit of

Third Grade Design Challenge-Trimester 1

Third grade students were involved in a challenge to determine ways to increase interest in reading.  Through the design thinking proce

2nd Grade Weather Design Challenge

The second graders were given a problem: How might someone that has an office with absolutely no windows to the outside be able to determine

Colorado Space Grant at Indian Peaks

The IPES MESA after-school club has been fortunate to work with the University of Colorado and the Colorado Space Grant in a 6 week partners

ELL Students use Design Thinking to Solve Learning Problems

English language learners in 7th and 8th grade used the design thinking process to create inventions that would solve problems they were hav