Design Challenge

First Grade Design Challenge: Trimester Two

Students learned about the different states of matter and the unique properties that distinguish solids and liquids.

Second Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

In this unit of study, students identified what animals need to survive, and what happens when they do not have what they need.  They l

Third Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

In third grade, students were learning about how the earth’s materials can be broken down or combined.  Students learned about ro

Fourth Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

In fourth grade, students studied energy, specifically, understanding that energy exists in various forms and its transformation and conserv

Fifth Grade Design Challenge: Trimester 2

Humans body systems don’t always function correctly.

3rd Grade: Save Fred the Worm

Third Graders were recently faced with the challenge to save Fred the Worm.

5th Grade: Marshmallow Challenge

Mrs. Lucero's class took a brain break from TCAP testing to complete the Marshmallow Challenge.

STEM Olympiad

During the Olympics this past February, students participated in the STEM Olympiad at Rocky Mountain Elementary during their specials time. Events were started by national anthems written and performed by students while wearing sashes and waving flags created in art class.

Design Thinking is for Teachers Too!

Design thinking is a great way to solve all types of problems for teachers and students alike. One second grade teacher was reflecting