Design Challenge

Students Making Change

Back in November, our Student Leadership Team hosted a Parent Night at Alpine.

STEM Parent Night

Right before the winter break, the parent involvement team at Rocky Mountain Elementary collaborated around the idea of bringing parents together to witness STEM learning with their children. The result was STEM night.

Marble Runs Encourage Iteration and Testing

2nd grade students had quite the introduction to their Balance and Motion unit!

Hot Air Balloons!

Freshmen students at Skyline High School were tasked with creating a device that could take aerial observations of the school.

7th Grade Assessment Helps 5th Graders

Students in Ms. Clark's 7th grade life science class were given a new kind of assessment for their human body systems unit.

6th graders Problem-solve Using Equations

Physics Class Designs a Method to Separate a Mixture

In 8th grade science class, students were given a mixture of sand, sugar, copper, and iron filings and asked to design a way to separate all

Mini-Me's Appear in 7th Grade Math Class

Timberline 7th graders used their knowledge of fractions and ratios to design a scale model of themselves.

7th Graders Design Prosthetics

As part of their human body unit in science, 7th graders at Timberline learned about biomedical engineers and used empathy for tho

6th Graders Design Wind Turbines

As part of their natural resources unit, students have researched the latest technology and designs being used to harness wind energy.