Design Challenge

Do You Have a Fear or Phobia?

Watch out for Tornadoes!

Cubism in Math

Protect Your Egg

"Ooooooooh!" chorused the students in Mr. Thensenga's science class as they heard the crunch of an egg on on the concrete.

Timberline Takes 2nd Place at District Design Challenge

7th Graders on a Fantastic Voyage

7th graders in Mr. Thesenga's life science class are exploring the structure of a cell.

Designing Music from Scratch

Timberline is offering a new STEM class this quarter: Music Exploration. Students in Mr.

Equations Equal Success in Middle School

Being in middle school is tough. With so many new classes, supplies, books, and lockers, staying organized can be a problem.

Will You Take the Challenge?

In late October, St. Vrain Valley Schools, with support from the Education Foundation for the St.

It's a bird! It's a Plane! It's...a METEOR!

Intermediate students at Northridge were treated to an unusual design challenge as they became acquainted with the school's new Innovati