Cranes and Seismographs with CU TEAMS

Everyday Engineering: CU Teams

CU TEAMS - Spaghetti Bridges

The CU TEAMS Club at Northridge started back up after the holidays with an exciting challenge.

8th Graders Attend a Freshman STEM Class at Skyline High School

During the month of February, Timberline 8th graders who had met their first semester GPA goals got to attend a 9th grade Explorations in STEM class at Skyline High School. The class was in the middle of an architectural engineering home design project led by a Ph.D. student from CU-Boulder. Students were excited to see that Skyline High School also has engineering fellows from the CU TEAMS program. The project was interesting for students to see because it involved using many tools to do woodwork, drawing using Solidworks, and solving interesting math problems.

4th and 5th Grades Work With CU TEAMS

We began our second year of partnering with CU TEAMS in October.

CU TEAMS- Water Wheels

4th and 5th grade students have been learning about hydropower and how people have been able to harness this energy as a renewable source.

Timberline PK-8 Partners with CU College of Engineering

University of Colorado College of Engineering students have partnered with Timberline's 4th-8th grade science teachers to bring engineering activities into the classroom and to expose students to the opportunities and careers available with an engineering degree. Most recently, the engineering fellow paired with our 6th grade classrooms was able to integrate science, engineering, and math in a mining activity to demonstrate how our natural resources get depleted.

5th Grade: Wind-Powered Cars

During their CU TEAMS classes, taught by a graduate level engineering student from CU Boulder, 5th Graders have been learning about renewabl