Cu Discovery; STEM

Budding Entomologists

Students in grades K-4 had the opportunity to learn about the "Alien Empire" of insects on our planet.  CU Discovery visited Longmont Estates on our November late start morning.  Stations were set up in the STEM Lab for students to have hands-on experiences.  They learned about the differences between insects and spiders, discussing the six vs. eight legged creatures.  They also explored what an entomologist does as they got up close and personal with insect samples preserved in resin blocks.

Lights and Lasers!


Polar Connections

Last week, K-2 students at Longmont Estates were able to participate in a hands-on STEM CU Discovery class about Polar Connections.  Students learned about polar wildlife, climate, geography, and what it's like to live in that extreme environment.  They were given the opportunity to compare rocks from Antarctica and Colorado, learn about insulation through experiments with ice, and test out different materials and how they hold up in the wind.  We all learned that while it may be cold here in the winter, it's nothing like the extreme environments on our planet. 

Electronics Lab with CU Discovery Program

Longmont Estates Elementary is partnering with the CU Discovery Program to bring enrichment opportunities to students on Late Start mornings. In October, students in grades 3-5 were invited to come to school early to take part in an Electronics lab. They did a variety of experiments on a circuit board to learn about resistors, capacitors, transistors, and electrical flow. One of the favorite experiments involved using a flashlight to demonstrate how a photoresistor worked.  And there was a whole lot of buzzing going on when they discovered the buzzer circuit.

CU Discovery comes to Longmont Estates

On Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, students in grades K-2 were invited to come to school a little early for a CU Discovery class.  The topic was "Discovering Dinosaurs", and students were given hands-on experience with fossils and casts.  They explored how dinosaurs hunted, ate, and defended themselves.  Students also learned about palentologists and how they classify dinosaurs.  It was a great opportunity for students to explore their curiosity and share their background knowledge on the subject.