Spheros Teach Communication in Special Education Classes

The goal of this Sphero lesson was for students to participate in groups, communicate effectively and appreciate the perspective of others.

TRMS Taps into the Power of Digital Journalism

Journalism in our time has undergone a revolutionary shift – in particular from traditional print and broadcast delivery to an interactive digital format. Theoretically, anyone with a computer, Internet access, and some ability to attract attention can succeed at digital journalism. Many people have remarked, whether favorably and disparagingly, on the more democratic form of the new journalism, especially the communicative power now in the hands of people who are not formally trained in journalism.

Day 08 - Smarter Communication (Middle School)

An extremely productive day of prototyping and refining. We began by doing a building design challenge that supports weight.

Day 07 - Smarter Communication (Middle School)

Today was a big brainstorming and idea day.

Day 04 - Smarter Communications (Middle School)

It was another amazing learning day in Smarter Communications.

Day 03 - Smarter Communication (Middle School)

Today was an incredible day of creating, innovating, teamwork, communicating, and more creating.

Day 02 - Smarter Communications (Middle School)

Today was another fun-filled learning day at IBM. We took two walking field trips and traveled far on foot.