8th Grade

AAACO Works with Timberline 8th Graders

Peter Sutyak, a 6th through 8th grade STEM teacher, collaborated with the Antique Airplane Association of Colorado to develop an Engine

8th Graders Connect with Professionals

Twenty local professionals, representing a wide variety of careers, came to Timberline PK-8 on Thursday April 24th to meet with the 8th graders.

8th Graders Focus on Their Future

8th graders at Timberline PK-8 are working on a year-long College and Career Readiness project.  With the help of our Race to the Top counselor and the College in Colorado website, students have explored their interests, hobbies, talents, and how those match particular career fields.  The 8th graders will develop a plan of study to accomplish their career goals, including a list of courses they will complete in high school.  Along the way, students will receive help and advice from professionals around the world through a telementoring program.

Texting with LCD screens.

Seventh and 8th grade students in Advance Tech at Westview Middle School are using the SparkFun Inventor's Kits to learn how circuits wo

ELL Students use Design Thinking to Solve Learning Problems

English language learners in 7th and 8th grade used the design thinking process to create inventions that would solve problems they were hav

Newcomers Engineer Language Activities for Bilingual Kindergartners

Timberline PK-8's Newcomers (6th-8th grade students who have been in the United States less than a year) completed a STEM design challen