4th Grade

K-8 Students Experience Antarctica

On Wednesday August 24, Timberline 4th, 5th, and 8th graders had the privilege of working with Lynn Kaluzienski, a researcher at both the Sc

STEM Summer School a Huge Success

Math and science content were a major focus for this year's summer school sessions at Timberline PK-8.  The content was taught through literacy instruction, technology integration, and the design process.

Public Works Department Workshop

This Friday, students in the 4th grade will engage in playground redesign workshop sessions with the City of Longmont.  The sessions wi

Outdoor Science Field trip

Last week the fourth grade students of Rocky Mountain Elementary braved the elements in the name of science. 

4th Grade: Human Impacts on Ecosystems

Fourth graders recently completed their science unit on ecosystems.

Mr. Neiswander's 4th Grade Class Introduced to Robotics

Fourth graders in Mr. Neiswander’s class had an introduction on Wednesday to robotics by exploring and creating with Cubelets.  Sitting on the floor of the STEM Design Lab, students first considered and discussed the question “What is a robot?”, then experimented with making their own using various cubes beginning with a power cube, a knoblet cute, and a bar graph cube.

Pop Bottle Challenge

Alpine 4th graders had the challenge of putting their ears and their creativity to the test.  Groups were given three pop bottles to fill with water.  The pop bottles had to be tuned to exact pitches G (do), E (sol), and D (la).  Students worked collaboratively to adjust the water levels to make the appropriate pitch by using only their ears.  They were physically able to see what a musical step and skip looked like in the containers.  Once students could produce a good tone on the bottles, groups arranged known rhythms to pe

Creating an Animal House in Math

During math class in November, 4th Graders in Mr.

Colorado Space Grant at Indian Peaks

The IPES MESA after-school club has been fortunate to work with the University of Colorado and the Colorado Space Grant in a 6 week partners