3rd Grade

3rd Grade: Solving Geography-Based Problems

3rd Graders at Columbine recently completed a STEM Unit focused on geography.

3rd Grade: Designing a Life Cycle

3rd Grade's first STEM Unit of the year focused on life cycles.

Biggest Design Challenge Ever!

Community is big at Rocky Mountain elementary.

Students Partner with Longmont History Museum

3rd graders at Indian Peaks kicked off their Longmont History unit in a big way!

3rd Grade: Save Fred the Worm

Third Graders were recently faced with the challenge to save Fred the Worm.

3rd Graders Make Robots

Timberline's 3rd graders had their first experience with robots in February using Cubelets from a local company, Modular Robotics. Students learned the definition of a robot and combined cubes that either sense or act to make robots such as "The Scaredy Bot", a robot designed to back away from anyone or anything that comes too close.  This introductory lesson got the 3rd graders very excited about the Timberline elementary robotics club starting this week.