2nd Grade

Intentional, Inspiring, & Internalized Learning Through Genius Hour

Students at Indian Peaks are learning for the sake of learning. Have you ever wondered why your feet fall asleep?

2nd grade connections

2nd graders in Mrs. Sochia's class had been reading all about robots and what they do.

2nd Grade- Balance & Motion STEM Unit

2nd Graders at Columbine recently studied all about balance and motion.

Learning More About Robotics

One of the most significant advantages to having a Race to the Top Grant from the Department of Education is that our students are able to e

2nd Graders enhance their learning with Technology

The second grade students of Rocky Mountain learned a valuable lesson this week: learning can be enhanced by technology.

The set up was simple: make a parachute using string, stickers, a napkin and a paper clip. The students constructed their parachute in a uniform fashion. They went outside on a chilly fall morning to test out their project and learn about air resistance.