Students Making Change

Stem School

Back in November, our Student Leadership Team hosted a Parent Night at Alpine. Students had identified 4 design challenges that were meaningful to our school community and we invited parents to ideate and prototype with us. It was so exciting to watch parents and students interact together with an authentic purpose in mind. Following the parent meeting, students kept the progress moving forward. We all returned from winter break with a "take action" attitude. Students have ideated and are beginning work on their initial prototypes. The work they have done is tremendous. When I think of 21st century skills, I can't help but notice how well these students are embracing them. The collaboration among our small design challenge groups is incredible. Students are communicating and thinking critically about the issues they are facing. Their creative problem-solving is unfolding very quickly. Kids are determining what they do and don't have control over, and are using this information to determine where they should be concentrating their efforts. Students are working with building and district personnel to prototype and implement changes. They are pooling their strengths and resources to do work that will positively impact their school community. Progress the students make will be periodically updated on this site. Below is a synopsis of one of the design challenges that demonstrates how these students are turning ideas into action. 

Students identified a need in the school parking lot. They decided to redesign the parking lot experience for students, parents and staff. Students interviewed parents, observed the parking lot during arrival and dismissal, and immersed themselves in the experience. The primary issues discovered included parents not knowing and/or following safety protocols in the parking lot, unsafe and illegally parked cars, norms that were not clear or established and inconsistent enforcement of those norms. The primary issues the kids decided to focus on include clarifying rules and regulations in the parking lot, creating opportunities to make the rules more visible, and provide consistency to parking lot users. Students are currently in the process of working with district personnel to determine what changes we can make and what regulations are mandated by district and city transportation services.  

Keep checking back for more updates!