Students Aid Food Banks

Stem School

At Alpine Elementary IB World School, the International Baccalaureate program that we embrace expects students of all ages to take action to benefit their world. In fourth grade, students were engaged in a unit of study about “Who We Are”, an inquiry into, among other things, our rights and responsibilities, and what it means to be human. The Central Idea for this unit is: “The rights and responsibilities of citizens affect societal decision-making”. Students inquire into the roles of leaders and citizens, the structures of government, and debating policy. In order to give students real-world experience with human needs, rights and responsibilities, and their civic duty of taking action, 4th graders sponsored and led the Alpine Food Drive. Students chose another classroom in the school to educate about our community's food needs. They created posters and presentations for their adopted classroom that would help educate students and promote awareness for food drives and the specific action Alpine would be taking. In addition, students went to these classrooms daily to collect, sort and count food, and graph the data by classroom. The food drive lasted about 2 and a half weeks, and students were able to collect 3,262 pounds of food-that’s a few pounds more than a Toyota Camry! Fourth graders helped load pallets with boxes of food on the last day of the competition. The food was packed into a truck to be delivered to Boulder Community Food Share, which helps many people in need in our area. One in six people in our area are living in need. Please consider how these kids might inspire you to take action to help someone in need.