Student Leadership Team


Students on the Student Leadership Team have been taking action. We identified different spaces in our school, the people who use these places, and the problems that often occur in them. From there we developed ways to gather data on these problems and understand them from the perspective of the user. Students have begun interviewing different people in the building and community to understand their needs around a topic. Furthermore, they have immersed themselves into specific situations to try and understand what the user is going through. Finally, they have made observations of different situations to gather more information about the problems.  Our next steps will be to share our findings with parents and the community at our “10 Years of Alpine Celebration” this November. Check back in December to see what we come up with next!  

Below are the 4 design challenges that the students identified as problem areas for our school.

  • Redesign the way kids interact on the playground.
  • Redesign the food-serving system to reduce waste and still allow student choice.
  • How might we reduce the noise pollution in the cafeteria during lunch?
  • How might we improve traffic flow in the Alpine