STEM Professional Development at Fall River

Teachers at Fall River continue to participate in STEM professional development.  Teachers come together to learn about effective questioning, integrating technology into their work with students, and incorporating design thinking and STEM practices across different disciplines. Several teachers also sign up for individual or team coaching around increasing their student collaboration and STEM integration.  When a member of a team attends a class or coaching session, they then take their learning back to their team, where it changes and grows to meet student needs. Teachers also participate in regular technology integration sharing during whole school staff meetings.  These sharings are brief, practical examples, allowing the entire community to benefit from the efforts of their colleagues. Teachers also participate in STEM unit writing where they are looking at traditional experiences in new ways, and offering more engaging, rigourous problem solving challenges. These units are shared with staff members and others, and are taught throughout the year in various subjects. Fall River is seeking to be a collaborative environment for teachers and students, where STEM teaching and learning occurs in many ways and not always from adult to child!