Spheros Teach Communication in Special Education Classes

The goal of this Sphero lesson was for students to participate in groups, communicate effectively and appreciate the perspective of others. Prior to this lesson, students created a personal rubric that measured communication and participation in groups. The rubric was designed to hold students accountable for group work. At the beginning, students gained comfort with Sphero by practing driving. Then a path of masking tape was placed on the floor. One student was blindfolded and another student gave directions to move Sphero along the path. The rest of the class observed the accuracy of communication.  

 Students responded positively to the lesson.  Ben said that it was a fun way to assess communication skills.  Justin thought is worked pretty well for practicing perspective. Tyler didn't realize that left and right were different directions when side by side as opposed to face to face! Contra-laterality, perspective and accuracy in communication were discussed after the lesson, while students assigned themselves a number from their rubric. Students expressed an interest in doing similar activities down the road.