Skyline STEM Student Makes MOSS Robotics Kit Extra-Exofabulatronixx

Kyle Speth, an exceptional SolidWorks student, has helped make our lives easier at Skyline High School. 

This past fall, we began using MOSS's Exofabulatronixx 5200 Ultimate Kits.  They were fabulous, indeed, but there was one problem: we had difficulty keeping track of the 140 Carbon Steel Spheres that were associated with each kit.  Having students count them at the beginning and end of every class was tedious and cutting into valuable class time.  

Kyle finished up a required SolidWorks assignment rapidly this fall, so he was approached by his teacher with the issue.  He designed a container that could easily slide right into one of the rectangles in the kit that fit the spheres.  He added in a spacer at the bottom so that, when completely full, the spheres lay flat across the top.  With just a few iterations, it was done!  No more counting by hand!  STEM students around the school celebrated!

We quickly 3-d printed enough for each of our kits and lost significantly fewer carbon steel spheres this semester when the kits were used again.  Thank you, Kyle!