Skyline Robotics Club competes in Rocky Mountain BEST

     This fall, the Skyline High School Robotics Club competed in Rocky Mountain BEST’s Blade Runner Competition, a sports-like science and engineering-based robotics competition. On Saturday, September 6, 2014 students representing various middle and high schools from across the Front Range attended “Kickoff” at Denver South High School where the game rules and field were revealed for the year’s game. Participating teams were given an identical set of building materials on this day to create a robot in 6 weeks to meet the design challenge. The theme for the year’s competition was the assembly of a wind turbine. The robot needed to acquire a building permit, open bridges, relocate turbine nacelles and blades, and assemble these materials onto a tower. 

Please click this link to watch a short video from the competition. 

     Game Day took place at the Auraria Campus Event Center at Metro State University of Denver campus on Saturday, October 18th. On Game Day, teams competed in a series of seeding matches until the team with the best scores moved into semi-finals, and then into the final matches. The Skyline Robotics Club placed 17th against 32 other high schools and middle schools located along the Front Range. Skyline’s robot featured 3 wheels, a wooden base, and an arm made out of pvc. All manufacturing of parts, assembling, and coding for the robot was completed by the students with only mentoring from adults. After the competition, students took time to reflect on what they had learned from this year’s competition.


Lessons learned from the competition:

“It is good to plan before building”

“Decide something once”

“Leave room for re-design”

“The importance of time management”