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Amanda Giuliani
The mission of the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Academy at Skyline High School is to help students realize their potential for success in STEM careers by supporting their exploration of STEM related fields, by encouraging the development of 21st-Century skills, and by providing them with a head start in pursuing their post-secondary education.

Skyline High School News

by Heidi Ringer (Skyline High School Principal), as submitted to Daily Times-Call in a Letter to the Editor

In SVVSD's first annual District Design Challenge, Skyline took first prize in the "Skillful Practitioners" category with their team of four - Cara Luchies, Marie Kaufman, Ryan Johnson, and Amanda Gi

Brian Straight, one of Skyline's GK-12 fellows, taught students about what is currently going on in the world of robotics.  Not only did he touch on biomedical engineering, humanoid robots, drones, and robots in space, he also taught the sophomores about his own personal res


9th-11th grade STEM Academy students were treated to a guest speaker last week.  Olivier Brousse with 3d Vista took the time out of his busy schedule to teach our students about drones.  He taught them about what components are necessary, what sensors are present and how th


Four Skyline High School students - Avynne Trembly (12th, Local Winner), Lindsey Hamblin (11th, Local Winner), Susanna Jones (10th, Local Runner Up), and Renata Comeau (9th, National Runner Up, Local Winner) - were 2016 winners of the Colorado Affiliate of the

Skyline High School was excited to show off what they are doing in the classroom on a daily basis to folks from around the state through the Colorado Education Initiative Seeing is Believing tour.  Shifting the focus from the teacher to the student is something the STEM Academy

In December, Skyline was honored to host Senator Bennet.  He toured our school and our students impressed him with the work they are doing!  See below for the article from the Times Call, posted on December 21, 2015.

Skyline had a team that participated in the Young Rebels entrepreneurial competition.  The Times Call ran a story about the event, including pictures of our team.&n

A new year, and a new cohort of STEM Academy Freshmen at Skyline High School!  This year, we have about 130 students in our freshmen Explorations in STEM course.

The Rocky Mountain section of the American Astronautical Society, together with Lockheed Martin and a Race To The Top grant from the US Department of Education, made it possible for 15 Skyline High School students to learn more about the field of Aerospace Engineering and Student Car

St. Vrain STEM Coordinators and teachers attended the regional conference of the National Science Teachers Association in Denver over the weekend. They attended various sessions covering many topics that related to STEM Education: project-based learning in the science classroom, the new Next Generation Science Standards, technology in science education and many others.


SVVSD Innovation Center held the first annual Hackathon for Colorado 6-12 students over the weekend. Up to $5,000 in prizes were awarded for the following catagories, Education Gaming, Consumer Retail Applications, Mobile App Development and Additioonal Web Solutions.

On November 19th St. Vrain Valley Schools held the first STEM Student Advisory Board Meeting at Trail Ridge Middle School.

On November 13th, St. Vrain sent teachers and students from Skyline High School, Trail Ridge, Timberline and Westview Middle Schools to the University of Colorado Boulder to work with a team of scientist from CIRES, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences.

Q: I’m considering a STEM school for my child, but I’m not sure what to look for or how to compare schools. Can you help? Read More


Longmont visit shows White House rep benefits of education/business partnerships Learn More


U.S. Department of Education visitors impressed with industry connections


Skyline High School Projects

Kyle Speth, an exceptional SolidWorks student, has helped make our lives easier at Skyline High School. 

As a follow up to a story written last year (, Skyline STEM Academy freshmen were again

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A newly developed robotics unit for our sophomore STEM students included working with Nao robots.  With the help of Axel Reitzig at the

The goal of our Hero's Journey unit for English 9 was to get students to see that the idea of what a hero is and the Hero's Journey

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Students in biology class at Skyline High School were given a challen

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Freshmen STEM students learned about data analysis through a design challenge on wind energy.  

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We’ve all been asked this question since we were old enough to talk, and some of us continue to entertain this question even

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The goal of this Sphero lesson was for students to participate in groups, communicate effectively and appreciate the perspective of others.

Skyline High School has been working with Couragion, a small company that just began in January.

Following the floods from the fall of 2013, several dams in the Colorado Front Range either overflowed or gave out completely.

The original purpose of this redesigned plan was to show students how to use exponential data to make changes to a growing community.

The Algebra 2 students at Skyline were presented with an unorthodox challenge.

Freshmen students at Skyline High School were tasked with creating a device that could take aerial observations of the school.

by Rebekah Cook


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     This fall, the Skyline High School Robotics Club competed in Rocky Mountain BEST’s Blade Runner Competit

Sophomores in Structural Design spent time researching truss designs and joints.

Skyline STEM students started the school year off with a mini design challenge.

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In mid-September, Skyline’s Geology students went on a field trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

In partnership with The Rocky Mountain National Park, middle and secondary teachers from 5 St. Vrain Valley Schools met with mentors to develop environmental research learning opportunities.

Thanks to the implementation of a five-year, $3.6 million Investing in Inno

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LONGMONT — Students in Travis O'Hair's Creative Engineering class at Skyline High School had grown accustomed to des

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When Longmont Colorado’s Skyline School District decided to renovate their high school facility, they also took the opportunity to sub

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