School Wide Challenge

Stem School

Timberline is one of the largest school in the district because of it's PK - 8 status. Students have the advantage of learning from each other and have the opportunity to meet students in other grades. However, the size certainly contributes to traffic issues around and even inside the school. Some students in TPK8 have shared their concern about how long it takes to get dropped off because of all the cars in the parking lot. Other students have noticed how the hallway traffic intensifies when all the students arrive or leave at the same time. Idenfitying these concerns for their school, students worked on creating a walking bridge to help with the problem. All students grades K - 5 were given the design challenge to create a prototype bridge from two chosen materials from their STEM Lab. The ideas were amazing! Students worked in groups to decide where in the school they would build the bridge and what type of bridge would it be. Some of the ideas that were developed were: a walking bridge starting at the crosswalk in front of the school right up to the front door, a walking bridge designed to take thrid graders to the secondary side of the building, and a bridge over the little pond in front of the school so parents don't have to drive into the parking lot. Students shared their prototypes with each other and wrote down their feedback about their first iteration. It was a wonderful way for students to all work on a school design challenge and learn from each other.