Rocky Mountain Elementary

STEM Coordinator
Jenny Rojas
STEM at Rocky Mountain transforms the teaching and learning cycle by enhancing core content with experiences based in STEM practices. Students engage in real world challenges, projects and lessons by collaborating, communicating and utilizing technology to gain worldly knowledge.

Rocky Mountain Elementary News

Just before the winter break every student at Rocky Mountain participated in Computer Science education week and the hour of code.

Right before the winter break, the parent involvement team at Rocky Mountain Elementary collaborated around the idea of bringing parents together to witness STEM learning with their children. The result was STEM night.

As visions of sugar plums were dancing through the heads of students just before the holiday break, the 5th grade teachers got together and thought of a Design Challenge of Sugary Delight.

To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, Rocky Mountatin Elemantary participated in the hour of code. Every student from preschool to fifth grade spent an hour building, designing, and coding.

The second grade students of Rocky Mountain learned a valuable lesson this week: learning can be enhanced by technology.

Rocky Mountain Elementary has the honor and pleasure to welcome back Wyatt Champion to lead Teams this year. CU Teams is a grant funded program through CU in which doctoral students in their engineering program work with elementary, middle and high school students on STEM projects.

The students and teachers of Rocky Mountain Elementary are excited for a new school year. The first thing parents and teachers saw as they entered the school was a brand new television displaying STEM projects.

Last week the fourth grade students of Rocky Mountain Elementary braved the elements in the name of science. 

Amazing things happen when students have time to explore.

During the Olympics this past February, students participated in the STEM Olympiad at Rocky Mountain Elementary during their specials time. Events were started by national anthems written and performed by students while wearing sashes and waving flags created in art class.

For the last week Danita Johnson has lead her classes through a gym sized replica of a heart. Working through her standards and crossing science curriculum into her routine, Mrs. Johnson has made learning about the heart fun and interactive.

Late on a Wednesday night a group of ten teachers and ten parents came together with the purpose of solving one problem, The students are misbehaving at lunch time.

Rocky Mountain Elementary Projects

Mrs. Aguirre has been intrigued with the Design Thinking process since she was trained in it last year.

Well the students at Rocky Mountain have a product for you!

This Columbus day, the kindergarteners of Rocky Mountain Elementary discovered what it meant to sail by wind power.

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During Summer School at Rocky Mountain Elementary, students could be found reading, writing, conducting science experiments, or designing Ru

      Our Second grade class started to learn about the forces of motion, gravity and balance. Mrs.

Preschool is known for its dramatic play, picture books, and creative children.

The Second grade class of Ms. Spruill congregated last month with one purpose, figure out a way for Ms. Spruill to not get a sunburn.