R.O.A.R. Design Challenge - Robotics Style!

Third graders are ideating ways to solve their question, "How might we create a demonstration of R.O.A.R. (Responsibility, Organized, Achievement, Respect) at Northridge using Dash and Dot?"  Students are collaborating using accountable talk to further develop empathy around R.O.A.R. and how to best communicate their solution using the robots.  Students can be heard saying, "I think we should keep the idea about having Dash go crazy because it will show students what not to do," and, "I agree with you because it's good to see bad examples--and it will be a funny way to show them."  Final solutions will be coded into Dash and/or Dot and presented to classrooms in order to reinforce responsible, organized, high-achieving, and respectful attitudes and behavior at Northridge Elementary!