STEM Projects

Walk into the 8th grade science lab at Timberline Pk-8 and you will be surrounded by elements from The Periodic Table.

Students in Mrs. Higgins first grade class got to peer coach each other on becoming fluent readers.

Kyle Speth, an exceptional SolidWorks student, has helped make our lives easier at Skyline High School. 

This past fall, juniors in Advanced Robotics spent 2-3 weeks learning about modular robotics through MOSS.  After creating the

As a follow up to a story written last year (, Skyline STEM Academy freshmen were again

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Our kindergarten students were one of the first groups to try out our

Our first grade students have been working on the Earth Science unit 'Pebbles, Sand, and Silt'.

In late January, Fall River Elementary hosted its first Fox Rocks Vex IQ Challenge robotics tournament. 26 teams from the St.

In the News section of the Northridge STEM page, you'll read about our first annual VEX IQ Challenge we hosted on February 6th.