STEM Projects

At the beginning of spring this year, the fifth grade students at Northridge had the privilege to go on a unique and meaningful field trip t

The Girls in STEM group at Indian Peaks has tackled many self-selected projects this year, including designing backpacks, coding, designing

"How does a computer work on the inside?"  "Why does my foot fall asleep?" "I want to know more about cancer b

"Ooooooooh!" chorused the students in Mr. Thensenga's science class as they heard the crunch of an egg on on the concrete.

8th graders are currently studying similar shapes and proportional reasoning in math class.

In September 2013, Longmont experienced a flood event that was categorized as a “1000 year flood.” Ten percent of the students a

To introduce and support the new makerspace at Indian Peaks (the iPeaks iLab), teachers are piloting RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers) lesso

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Students at Indian Peaks are learning for the sake of learning. Have you ever wondered why your feet fall asleep?