The Periodic Table Comes to Life

Walk into the 8th grade science lab at Timberline Pk-8 and you will be surrounded by elements from The Periodic Table. One of the major standards interwoven in the 8th grade is to understand atomic structure, how that structure is related to the periodic table, and how elements can be and are utilized in our daily lives and the scientific enterprise.  Students were challenged to design a presentation in the form of a cube for their "adopted" element - nearly every one of the 118 elements was selected.  Each side of the cube had specific information that needed to be included from such things as name and symbol to schematic diagrams to uses of the family.  The twist was that the "story" of the element needed to be told without words, that each side needed to have a 3D element associated with it, and that every color, item, or background used had to have a specific reference to the element.  This resulted in each cube being quite unique, just as each element is also unique in its own right.