Parks, Parks, Parks

Mrs. Gutierrez's 2nd grade class began reading a book about Frederick Law Olmsted and how he designed Central Park for people to have a place to relax. They spent time learning how he designed the park after he realized that the community didn't have a place to relax and enjoy nature. Learning from Mr. Olmsted, the students decided to research the parks in their own community. They worked in groups to see how many parks there are in Longmont and what activities they have. After their research, 2nd graders redesigned a park in Longmont. Next, the students were able to have Kathy Kron from the City of Longmont Publie Works and Natural Resources speak about the creation of parks. She explained how they decide where parks should be built and the process the city goes through to meet the needs of the community. 

Students learned about parks from search and Ms. Kathy, so they were ready to design a new activity to add to a park in Longmont. They are still working on their designs and will be sharing their final prototypes soon with the community.