Northridge goes to the Tech Fair

Stem School

Saturday April 19 brought 5 Northridge Elementary student projects and 10 students to the Tech Fair held at Skyline High School.  Fifth graders were studying human body systems and discovered that these systems don’t always work as they should.  Students explored the circulatory, digestive, skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, and identified different problems that can occur in each. Then, they designed adaptations for the human body system in order to help individuals with those diseases function better.  Check out their prototypes below:

·       The Patch Pill- A pill for ulcer sufferers that releases a mucous coating along the lining of the stomach

·       The Leg-o-Matic-  An entire system of products to help individuals suffering from arthritis remain active.

·       The Scanner- A scanning system that allows blind individuals to shop at a grocery store independently.

·       The Hemophiliac’s Band-Aid-  A special bandage with medicine in the gauze that helps stop the bleeding of a person suffering from Hemophilia.

·       The Lupus Mighty Machine-  Manufactured white blood cells, no blood-typing needed, that can be given to Lupus sufferers to aid in fatigue.