Nao Robots Engage Sophomores

A newly developed robotics unit for our sophomore STEM students included working with Nao robots.  With the help of Axel Reitzig at the Innovation Center, students were able to learn about potential applications of humanoid robots through a hands-on design challenge.  Another amazing part of this project is that several of our students are on the Nao Robotics team at the Innovation Center, so they were able to assist their classmates through the design challenge.  It was a model example of students teaching students!

Groups chose one of three applications (autistic students, ELL students, elementary-aged students engaged in "movement" breaks) before becoming acquainted with Choregraphe, a program that allows students to communicate with their robots.  Students developed a flow chart to help them as they programmed, and used Choregraphe's "Virtual Robot" to practice before connecting to their live robot. 

As the final presentations occurred, the entire class enjoyed testing out the programs.  One program developed math skills, and another helped English learners use the correct tense of verbs when translating words and phrases from Spanish to English.  Other programs had the entire class engaged in the Hokey Pokey and playing Simon Says.