My Visit to the Innovation Center, by Hunter Smith

Hunter Smith, Timberline 8th grader


Recently, I visited the SVVSD Innovation Center for my semester-long project based on the evolution of the iMac computer. Thomas Ingram (teacher and former Apple employee) and a number of different high school students gladly took apart and reassembled six different models of an iMac computer. They did this in order to show me the stages of ideation the Apple clan has gone through over the past 17 years. In watching this demonstration, I learned so many things about the computers and how they are operated. Although, most importantly, I learned that there is a certain beauty to how technology is created and how it affects our everyday lives. This experience opened my eyes to a whole other side of technology that I never had an interest in examining before. I look forward to finishing my project with the very important and useful information that I have taken away from my trip to the Innovation Center.