Looking Up Close: Digital Microscopes

In the month of September, each classroom explored the world around them with our new digital microscopes. Students used these microscopes to investigate ordinary items up close and synthesized what they saw to learn more about the structure and components of those objects.

Students discovered:

  • There are hidden animals and state names on one dollar and five dollar bills.
  • Many things are made from paper, but they all look very different under the microscope. Some have larger pieces (fibers) in them than others.
  • All pictures in books, magazines, photographs, and newspapers are printed with lots of tiny dots (pixels) that combine to make the whole picture.
  • Fabric can be made with many different thread patterns.  Some have loose threads and others are very tight.
  • Seashells, leaves, and sticks have patterns on them when you use the microscope to look at them.
  • Sand under the microscope looks like rocks.  Some rocks are made up of smaller rocks, sand, and crystals.
  • Everyone has a different fingerprint that is made of lines and swirls.
  • Our fingernails are not very clean and we need to do a better job washing our hands!

Students will continue to use the digital microscopes during the school year to further investigate plants, insects, solid and liquid materials, different phases of the rock cycle, and more!