Kindergarten: Discovering Who We Are STEM Unit

Kindergarten's first STEM unit of 2015 focused on learning all about who we are physically, socially, and emotionally. To explore who we are physically, students learned about many different body parts. They observed other students playing to explore and describe how we move. They traced and measured a partner on butcher paper to represent our bodies mathematically. Students also interacted with Sophie, and NAO Robot, to learn how robots have body parts and can move like us. 

 To investigate more about who we are socially and emotionally, students learned more about our feelings and what it means to have friends. They observed how groups of students interact on the playground, and built empathy for students that do not have someone to play with.  
 To finish their unit, students used the book Building Buddy as inspiration for their design challenge. Students went through the Design Thinking process to design a friend that had all the correct body parts and was stable and freestanding. Each group collaborated to find the best prototyping materials to represent different body parts, and to assemble them correctly so that their buddy would stand.  In the end, each class had one freestanding buddy, and students learned a lot about who we are and why we need friends.