Kindergarten Design Challenge: Trimester 2

Kindergartners investigated and communicated the effects of varying heat and light on the growth of plants through scientific study.  They were tasked with designing a way to teach other students how the sun affects plant growth.  Students addressed standards and asked inquiry questions:   How does the sun provide heat and light to Earth?  How do the following affect living things:  weather, temperature, stars, planets, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, wind, water cycle?  Students developed empathy as they had to care for plants, noticing some flourished and others died.  They embraced the life cycle of a plant and put the dead plants to use, just like what would happen in nature. Students made strong connections between their own personal impact on nature and their responsibility to nature and it was truly amazing to watch.  In addition to developing a deeper understanding of the science content, students learned a lot about 21st century skills.  Presenting, communicating ideas to others and making sure their information was reliable were skills in which all students were engaged.