K-8 Students Experience Antarctica

On Wednesday August 24, Timberline 4th, 5th, and 8th graders had the privilege of working with Lynn Kaluzienski, a researcher at both the School of Earth and Climate Sciences and Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. The 4th and 5th graders got to hear about the extreme environment in Antarctica and how science and engineering allow researcher teams to live and work there. One of the highlights was Yeti the robot. Students made a connection to Timberline's coding and robotics programming and saw how what they are learning is applied in a real-world setting. The elementary students also got a kick out of helping their science teacher get dressed to combat the temperature and sunlight for a day in Antarctica.

Later in the day, Lynn shared her current research on the dynamics of ice shelf margins and calving fronts and their effects on ice shelf stability with the 8th graders. Students had a great time making white "flubber" and then using it to simulate and test different scenarios with glaciers and calving. The experiments challenged students to use their knowledge of physical and earth science as well as math and chemistry. To end the day, two 8th graders demonstrated how to prepare for research in the environment of Antarctcia by putting on all of the research team gear.

Lynn Kaluzienski and Timberline's 7th and 8th grade science teacher, David Thesenga, will be embarking on an Antartic research expedition this fall. To learn more about thier research, visit: https://www.polartrec.com/expeditions/ice-shelf-flow-and-fracture-dynamics