It's a bird! It's a Plane! It's...a METEOR!

Intermediate students at Northridge were treated to an unusual design challenge as they became acquainted with the school's new Innovation Lab.  Students were tasked with creating a device that would be able to deflect a meteor from it's trajectory to save the people of Earth (and Longmont, Colorado) from disaster!  Students sketched and labeled their ideations on thier dry-erase tables and collaborated to agree on one design.  They then used limited materials (among which were a cup, a spoon, and tape) to build their prototypes.  When thier prototypes were complete, they tested them by "firing" a mini marshmallow at a  target.  Students recorded their results by tallying points based on where the marshmallows hit.  They then worked together to make improvements on their designs to try to make their devices even more accurate--after all, the city is at stake!