Indian Peaks Technology PST

During an initial Late Start professional development time around technology, several professionals expressed interest in further study.  Teachers found that the Late Start PD time served as a good introduction, but did not provide enough time to plan implementation of the devices.  In response to this, a PST was created for teachers to explore how to incorporate iPads and Chromebooks, meeting the grade level standards, ISTE state standards, SAMR technology model, and Council on 21st Century Learning frameworks.

After our recent technology plan rollout, each classroom had multiple student devices at their fingertips.  Our mission through the PST was that each instructor would have the expertise to implement these devices for instruction and student use, becoming efficient in basic functions, but also be able to engage students in lessons past the basic SAMR model “substitution” stage.  This PST evolved as each need arose, but first we heard from a third party point of view.  

The director from the Council on 21st Century Learning, Stevan Kalmon, visited us on our first session.  Stevan has done work in our district before, and came recommended by our administrator.  He provided insight into Learning In and Learning For the 21st Century.  We used this framework as we planned and investigated ways to use technology in our own classrooms.  

Next, we familiarized ourselves with what Indian Peaks teachers were already doing with technology, and evaluated where our lessons fit on the SAMR model.  We used the Technology Integration Matrix from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, St. Vrain’s Instructional Technology plans, Twitter links, and Kathy Schrock’s blog as resources along the way. We went through our grade level standards, brainstormed, and sought applications that can be used in the classroom to meet them.  Steph Schroeder, from BVSD’s STREAM program also joined us during a session to share ways BVSD teachers are utilizing iPads.