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STEM Coordinator
Alexandra Downing

Indian Peaks’ Instructional Focus Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) is the foundation of the high quality, research based instructional programming offered.  STEM uses inquiry-based approaches to learning, involving the process of exploring the material or natural world, that leads to making discoveries and asking questions in the search for new understandings. Furthermore, involvement in learning implies possessing skills and attitudes that permit students to seek resolutions to questions and issues while they construct new knowledge, thus supporting the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.  For students, this method of learning ends the listen-to-learn paradigm of the classroom and gives them real, authentic learning challenges and problems to solve. For the teacher, inquiry-based education ends their paradigm of talking-to-teach and recasts them in the role of a facilitator of learning, being engaged in the same quest for knowledge with the students.

At Indian Peaks, we provide our students with a methodology for innovation that combines creative and analytical approaches, and requires collaboration across disciplines. This process—which has been called design thinking—draws on methods from engineering and design, and combines them with ideas from the arts, tools from the social sciences, and insights from the business world. Our students learn this process together.  They then personalize it, internalize it, and apply it to their own challenges. We learn by doing. We don’t just ask our students to solve a problem, we ask them to define what the problem is. We start with empathy; they uncover the real human needs they want to address. Students brainstorm to develop an unexpected range of possible solutions, and create rough prototypes to test with real people. Our bias is toward action, followed by reflection on personal discoveries about process. For more information on Design Thinking, visit Indian Peaks offers Spanish support in English literacy in grade K-3 for students as needed to better support their literacy skills.



Indian Peaks Elementary News

As part of the "Project Citizen" showcase, fourth and fifth grade students presented at the state capitol Thursday.  The Civic Canopy sponsored the event and hosted elementary, middle, and high schools from around the state.  The Indian Peaks team gave a 12-minute

SVVSD, the City of Longmont, and Thorne Nature Experience partnered to create the ultimate environmental education experience at Sandstone Ranch!  In anticipation of providing this opportunity to second graders across the district, Indian Peaks piloted a field trip to the Ranch.

Fifteen fourth and fifth grade girls are participating in the new Girls in STEM club at Indian Peaks Elementary.  The club will introduce students to many fun activities and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Girls will also gain insight about STE

This term, the Indian Peaks Parent Leadership Team has decided to focus their efforts of increasing family involvement in the area of Math, specifically in the area of math facts. Two Family Math Nights were hosted last week: Tuesday, Jan. 12th and Thursday, Jan.

Now, with Wonders Technology’s teaching tools, educators can teach students as young as four years old how to program complicated technology, such as robots and 3D printers.

Indian Peaks families came together at the Dive Into STEM event. The night hosted 14 stations with hands-on activities that families were able to rotate through and experience together.

 Indian Peaks Elementary is hosting a "Dive Into STEM" Family Night on October 22nd from 5:30-7pm.&n

Thanks to partnerships with the GLOBE Program, Discovery Education, and the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, students are following SVVSD students and teachers while they make the trek to the tallest mountain in Africa's summit.

One of our fourth grade teachers was fortunate enough to travel to Japan this summer.  Influenced by the trip, and wanting to share the experience with her students, Mrs. Urquidi set up a partnership with a teacher in Japan.

Legos, rockets, superheros, towers, genius hour... All fun components of this year's STEM Summer School! Kindergarten through fifth grade students received a full dose of integrated STEM this summer.

Due to an amazing partnership with the Casa de la Esperanza community, Indian Peaks hosted a STEM Night Thursday at the Casa Learning Center.  The event included many opportunities for students to play and learn with STEM gadgets, including Spheros, Cubelets, Dash & Dot robo

Join us for STEM Night at Casa de la Esperanza's Community Room at 1520 S. Emery St. in Longmont!


The event will run from 4:30pm-6:00pm on April 16th.  You will be able to explore:


*Sphero Robots

Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the VEX IQ Indian Peaks Mighty Moose Challenge!

3rd graders were able to travel to SVVSD's Innovation Center to further their knowledge of robotics!  After walking to the neighboring space, Indian Peaks students were greeted by Innovation Center employees and welcomed to the classroom.

The Indian Peaks STEM team collaborated to create this year’s design challenge. After considering different ideas about how we could improve various spaces at our school, we agreed that the Lost and Found was in need of improvement.

The Lit Lab at Indian Peaks has been looking for ways to incorporate engaging writing activities into their daily work.

1st Annual Family Design Night!

The Indian Peaks Teacher Leadership Tea

Indian Peaks Elementary Projects

The Girls in STEM group at Indian Peaks has tackled many self-selected projects this year, including designing backpacks, coding, designing

"How does a computer work on the inside?"  "Why does my foot fall asleep?" "I want to know more about cancer b

To introduce and support the new makerspace at Indian Peaks (the iPeaks iLab), teachers are piloting RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers) lesso

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Students at Indian Peaks are learning for the sake of learning. Have you ever wondered why your feet fall asleep?

Congratulations to the following teams that participated in the 2nd annual VEX IQ Competition at Indian Peaks: 

In late October, St. Vrain Valley Schools, with support from the Education Foundation for the St.

Jean Reidy joined the 4th graders at Indian Peaks via Skype.

5th graders at Indian Peaks have been gathering research around human body systems through books and online resources.

2nd grade students had quite the introduction to their Balance and Motion unit!

New robots have made their way into the Indian Peaks family!

Did you know that more trash is created over the 3-month holiday season than during any other time of year?

Indian Peaks students tried their hand at sewing and electronics with SparkFun's

Indian Peaks Elementary fourth graders, in collaboration with Kathy Kron (Project Manager with the City of Longmont) and Kerry White (Urban

Barr Lake Field Trip for Second Grade Indian Peaks was like spending time in a "Bird's Paradise."

3rd graders at Indian Peaks kicked off their Longmont History unit in a big way!

This Friday, students in the 4th grade will engage in playground redesign workshop sessions with the City of Longmont.  The sessions wi

Devices, power cords, and smiling faces poured into 300 Suns Brewing Monday evening.

During an initial Late Start professional development time around technology, several professionals expressed interest in further study.&nbs

The second graders were given a problem: How might someone that has an office with absolutely no windows to the outside be able to determine

The IPES MESA after-school club has been fortunate to work with the University of Colorado and the Colorado Space Grant in a 6 week partners

CU TEAMS visits Indian Peaks' 5th grade students weekly to engage in engineering design.