Important People in Second Grade

As 2nd graders explore the International Baccaluareate theme, "Where We Are in Place and Time", they focus on the study of relationships between individuals and civilizations, through a central idea that explores how individuals’ actions can directly and indirectly influence their community. Students learn about important and historical people, how people can influence their community, and the adversities they face. Recently, they had the opportunity to meet with and interview an “important” person in our own community, Ms. Joie Siegrist, the vice president of our school board. Students asked questions such as: "What do you think makes a person important to their community?  When you make decisions for our school community, what information do you use?  Why do you think it’s important to change things in our community?  How have you influenced our community? What things about our schools work well and what need improvement?" The students then used this knowledge to work on their own design challenge:  How might we take action to positively impact and influence our own community? Students are now creating action plans to make meaningful change.