"How We Learn Best" Design Challenge

This year in 6th grade students at Timberline spent their first math unit focusing on different study methods to learn about fractions. They learned about multiplying and dividing fractions using songs, animations, diagrams, mnemonic devises, acronyms, and different note taking techniques. "The mnemonic device was best because it was fun to yell in class and repetition helps you learn," said Aiyonne Bryant. As a class they discussed what made each technique effective to help people learn and when they might need to apply that method as an adult. "The song was cheesy and easy to remember. It got stuck in your head," said 6th grader Meika Tefft. 

At the end of the unit, students were asked to select their favorite study method and design a study guide to teach other students how to multiply and divide fractions. Students created songs, videos, games, puzzles, illustrated books, slide shows, comics, puppet shows, and posters using the study methods they learned about in this unit. "I made a stop motion video because it was different and fun to do. It was fun and a really good use of your brain," said 6th grader Jose Ivarra Hernandez.