Graphing and Data Analysis in Skyline Physics

by Christine Vadovszki


Skyline students began the Spring 2015 semester working on a special short unit on Graphing and Data Analysis. Utilizing Google Chromebooks made available in the classroom, students began this unit by completing assignments where they were expected to analyze data, practice using basic spreadsheet equations and functions, and create tables and charts from provided data sets.


As a final project for this unit, the students then developed their own experiments and were asked to analyze, plot, and present their findings in a brief presentation to the class. One group chose to use an application in their phone that recorded volume while they showed a funny video to their testee. “I learned how to manage large sets of data in Google Sheets as points of data were recorded multiple times a second. This meant over 2000 points of data per person,” said junior Veronica Sutton in her lab write-up for this project. The final graph created for her group’s presentation is below.


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.11.17 AM.png

Emily Johnson reflected in her lab write-up, “Now that I know how to use Google Sheets, it won’t take me long to create a graph or to create tables. This was actually a useful thing that we learned in school; it was very practical.”