Full STEAM Ahead

How can STEM include art? Utilizing some of the most current technologies, the students at Trail Ridge Middle School are creating three-dimensional drawings and objects. The art department has focused their STEM integration on an advanced engineering program called Solidworks. The software allows the students to think and create in three dimensions. The students have been creating innovative designs that can alter the usage of a water bottle to help reduce waste and products that can help the students at TRMS. The students create their projects using the design thinking process and collaborate within the classroom getting feedback and critical analysis of their creations. Advanced art in Solidworks is also a hands-on class where they put their ingenuity to the test. Applying their engineering skills, the students create digital mockups of a bridge and then build them using balsa wood. The combination of digital creation and hands-on learning reaches multiple levels of creation that the students can use within their other classes and everyday lives.


This activity supports the goals of our Race to the Top initiative which focuses on STEM integrated instruction and innovation.