Fourth Grade Innovators

This week, fourth graders took learning into their own hands by making connections in their reading to a real world design challenge.  Students in Mrs. Banning's class did a Close Reading Unit from Reading A-Z first.  The key question was "Why do some inventions change the world?"  Then they read "Modern Marvels" from Readworks.   Next, they watched a Youtube video on inventions that have changed the world. In class, they brainstormed a list of inventions they would like to create to solve a common problem.  In our school innovation lab, they went through the design thinking process to help their classmates solve their problem.  They worked on how to feed a guinea without it jumping out of it's cage, how to put away the dishes, how to fold their laundry, and how to remember everything they need in their backpacks for school.  Each team heard from the "client" and proceeded to come up with ideas to solve the problem.  They then got feedback from their client before prototying the product.  Next, they shared the prototypes with their clients, got feedback, and made any adjustments needed.  Finally, they shared their solutions with the whole class.  Through this challenge, they were able to integrate all the elements of STEM by Design