First Educator HOMAGO Event in Longmont

Devices, power cords, and smiling faces poured into 300 Suns Brewing Monday evening.  Educators from around the state gathered in a first ever Educator HOMAGO event.  The spirit of HOMAGO (Hang Out, Mess Around, Geek Out) revolves around trying something new in a low-key, collective environment.  Participants varied in background, including education outreach professionals, Colorado district technology leaders, STEM elective teachers, STEM Coordinators, and classroom teachers.  The session's focus was on how to incorporate MIT-developed, open source, Scratch drag-and-drop computer software into classroom instruction.  All levels of experience were welcomed.  Long tables helped to facilitate collaboration as educators worked with the software, and soon shrieks of accomplishment filled the brewhouse.  New relationships developed, contact information shared, and participants left with new tools for students to try.

The community will continue to hold similar events in the future to establish support around risk-taking and innovation in education.