Exploring 3D Printing Tools

Stem School

In November, Columbine students expanded on their knowledge of 3D modeling and explored the world of 3D printing.  Students began to explore the real world applications of 3D printing technology in engineering, medical, and educational fields. Students and teachers were fascinated to learn how doctors have started to print organs, how engineers are constructing houses and rejuvinating coral reefs, and how schools for the blind are giving their students opportunities to learn about objects that are normally too big or dangerous to touch.

In addition to learning more about how a 3D printer works, students also used 3Doodlers, which are 3D printing pens. Each student got a chance to 3D print objects with the pens. They quickly learned that it takes a lot of skill and patience to build something three dimensional like the 3D printer. View the video below to see what we created!

To finish up this month's STEM Focus, students also tried out some new designing apps. Their two favorites were MakerBot PrintShop and Blokify. PrintShop allows users to create printable vases, rings, and words. Blokify is a Minecraft-inspired app that can be used to create various structures, which can also be printed on our 3D printer.

Students will be able to use 3Doodlers and these apps to bring 3D printing into the classroom and their prototyping routines!