Equations Equal Success in Middle School

Being in middle school is tough. With so many new classes, supplies, books, and lockers, staying organized can be a problem. This December, 6th grade students at Timberline used their knowledge of variables and writing equations to help create an organization solution for a partner. "[The project] taught us math and we had fun doing it," said 6th grader Aiyonne. For the project students were asked to interview a partner to find out where exactly they struggled to be organized and then planned a solution for their partner. In the student's plan, they had to write expressions and solve them to ensure that their prototype fell within specific budget and weight requirements. Sixth grader Marine noted, "The hardest part was figuring out what equations made it right without messing up." Once students completed their plan they were able to build a prototype of their solution to share with their partner. "Prototyping was the best part," said 6th grader Canaan, "the best part of STEM is that we get to build and use our imagination."