Engineering Week with Alpine 4th Graders

Stem School

Fourth Graders become MINING/PETROLEUM and AGRICULTURAL Engineers during Engineering Week at Alpine. Mining and Petroleum engineers help locate valuable underground resources like oil, gas and coal and devise techniques to make extraction as safe and clean as possible. Agricultural Engineers mix cutting-edge science with the art of farming, keeping us well fed with safe, nutritious, and tasty foods. Fourth graders got a small taste of what it might be like to work in these fields. Through their inquiry into how energy production and consumption impact society and the environment, students have just started studying reneweable and non-renewable sources of energy. To frontload their learning, they attended a presentation called "Kilowatt Kidz". This program teaches kids action-based behavior they can take home and share with their parents. Fourth graders also immersed themselves into the world of Agricultural Engineering when they attended the "Our Lands to Your Hands" farm exhibit at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. Here, they learned about the importance of agriculture, the resources it uses, and the resources it provides. These learning opportunities help students to identify their learning as something that can go beyond the classroom and relate to their real world. This transfer of knowledge to concepts outside the classroom provides students with the opportunity to affect change in their community.