Engineering Week with Alpine 2nd Graders

Stem School

Second Graders became MECHANICAL Engineers during Engineering Week at Alpine. Mechanical Engineers design, build and maintain machines. Machines come in many sizes from the massive to nano-sized. They work on robots, roller coasters, nano-devices and toys. Second graders are learning about physical science-identifying and predicting how the direction or speed of an object may change due to outside forces, and are interpreting observable data about the impact of forces on the motion of objects. Students played online engineering games that allow students to design a roller coaster. They had to design the tracks to create enough force and speed to make it over the hill, but enough resistance to be able to stop. Then students were able to apply this knowledge to building in the classroom with engineering manipulatives. Hot Wheel tracks and some cars made for an exciting roller coaster ride! Students identified what worked and what didn’t while recording their data for analysis.