Electric Circuit Cards in Physics

by Christine Vadovszki

Physics students at Skyline High School exercised their creative flair with the introduction of paper circuits and pop-up electric circuit cards to classes this semester while learning about electricity. Students designed their own pop-up card and then created an electric circuit to be placed inside the card. The circuit included an LED, copper tape, and coin cell battery. Once the projects were completed and students had successfully troubleshot their designs, they were then required to reflect on the project and explain the physics behind how the card and circuit worked.


Excerpts from student reflections best demonstrate the learning goals of the project:

“The circuit I created used a conductive copper tape to transfer the stored energy of the battery into a small LED when a switch was activated, thus connecting and completing the circuit.” - Nicholas King

’“An LED is a light-emitting diode, it permits current to flow in only one direction. Incandescent lights use more watts, cost more, and emit more carbon dioxide than an LED.” - Priscilla Aguirre Jimenez

Some students took advantage of the personalized projects by creating a greeting card for friends or family.


This project was made possible by a Race To The Top grant from the Department of Education.