Designing Music from Scratch

Timberline is offering a new STEM class this quarter: Music Exploration. Students in Mr. Pham's class take an innovative approach to creating original music using a combination of web-based applications, musical instruments, and iPads, all through the lens of the design process. During the course, students will be learn to identify musical genres and instrumentation, use common musical forms in an original composition, and communicate with musical language. The class culminates in a collaborative final project where each student designs an original composition and a student-created group plays the original music. Students will select who is in their performance group by choosing the combination of instruments they think will best represent their design.

The class is very popular. "You could explore different stuff. We get to play around for a while with things like Noteflight and Soundation and then have an assignment on a computer instead of just writing stuff down on a paper," said Alan, a Timberline 6th grader, "Right now I'm importing my score from Noteflight to Soundation and figuring out what it can do with different sounds and voices to make something cool."